Our Story

At Neurability Technologies, we harness the power of genius talent to offer game-changing, technology solutions to our clients:

  • Building and integrating advanced artificial intelligence capabilities 
  • Implementing software engineering quality excellence 
  • Solving specific financial services, healthcare and life sciences and technology firm business problems

Neurability Technologies officially started in 2023—but its core ideas were borne over 10 years of witnessing a large percentage of the best, brightest and most innovative IT professionals be shut out from doing the work they love.  All while companies couldn’t attract and retain enough top talent software engineers to compete. Companies turned to contracting and hiring large numbers of lightly trained developers to compensate for quality. This has not been a successful approach.  

Eric founded Neurability Technologies out of his love for solving problems and recognizing that there is an unmet market need here. He met Eduard, Dennis, Patti, Lisa and Manny and they all shared a belief that there is a far better way to create and manage an elite IT workforce. We talked over coffee and wine and had conversations together about the future of this kind of workforce and we wondered: 

  • What if we could design and build a dedicated workforce of genius IT professionals that has never before existed? 
  • What if a hybrid office/remote working environment could be optimized for these workers? 
  • What if we focused the energies, skills and talents into three core solution offerings that make it easy for client’s to understand what we do and engage us. 
  • Would access to a high-performing, trained and certified genius workforce offer clients a competitive advantage? 

For Eric Bass, Neurability Technologies’ Founder and CEO, the answer came when the opportunity he’d always wanted—to solve problems that create value and improve the lives of people—was becoming a distinct possibility. So, Eric enlisted help and envisioned a technology services workforce platform that would bring his vision to life—and he called it Neurability Technologies. 

Today, Neurability Technologies has built Neurability Academy, designed, built, and operated by the world’s best thinkers and doers in the world of workforce management. Together with our technology platform partners, we train and manage teams of specialized technologists that deliver best-in-class services to our clients around the world. It’s a turnkey service that our clients love.