How we Work

To fully capitalize on the advantages of a neurodivergent workforce, we needed to build an entire company around their strengths. We rethought and redesigned much of modern work, including the way work works.

We came up with a client engagement model designed around our neurodivergent workforce, enabling the best results for both our clients and our people. 

Our expertise is people

Many aspects of modern work fail to accommodate and as a result fully leverage the power of a neurodivergent workforce. We understand these challenges, and have developed solutions to unlock the full potential of cognitive diversity.

Our unique environment, training curriculum, hiring procedure and ongoing mentorship empower our neurodiverse teams to perform at their best and produce exceptional results for our clients.

By the numbers

The neurodivergent workforce is a largely untapped talent pool that brings major advantages to our clients


More Productive

Multiple studies have demonstrated neurodivergent employees bring quality, care and passion to their work every single day


Greater Profitability

Companies identified as “Disability Champions”* were 30% more profitable than their peers

*Score of >80 on Disability Equality Index



Neurodivergent employees bring unparalleled loyalty, with average retention rates of 90 to 95%

Neurability Academy

It all starts with our workforce who receive rigorous training through our in house academy. Neurability Academy is designed to empower neurodivergent individuals with a focus on practical skills and personal development.

The academy was founded on the key principles of Shu ha ri (bi-directional learning) and Anzen (Safety). Through a supportive and inclusive learning environment tailored to the unique strengths of neurodivergent learners, Neurability Academy aims to unlock the full potential of its students and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in Neurability’s ecosystem and beyond.

What it is

What it isn't

Neurability Workforce Client Engagement Model

Client Product and Process Owners are paired with a dedicated Neurability Technologies Product Owner

This enables face-off with a single point of contact between the delivery organizations to optimize efficiency

Map of how Neurability works, wherein Neurability product owners manage consultants and communicate with clients

Your Company's Competitive Advantage

At Neurability Technologies, we firmly believe that embracing cognitive diversity is a strategic advantage. Companies that actively harness the cognitive strengths of diverse minds are better positioned to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape.

Neurability Technologies offers a range of services to empower any  organization to experience the transformative impact of a neurodivergent workforce.

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