About NeurOPS:

NeurOPS is a comprehensive set of operating models, practices, and methods that enable greater growth of neurodivergent teams and the value they generate from businesses. This optimizes DevOps for a heterogenous neurotypical/neurodivergent delivery model.
Diverse group of people collaborating

Operating and managing multiple neurotypical and neurodivergent teams needs to be seamless and integrated. However, achieving this can be difficult and often becomes an obstacle to growth. 

Sprinkling neurodivergents into an existing structure is not a scalable nor optimal solution. In fact, operating fully neurodivergent teams separate from neurotypical teams works best, but figuring this out through trial and error is time-consuming and inefficient. By adopting practices designed for a cognitively heterogenous workforce, NeurOPS reduces organizational and business risks and optimizes DevOps for the unique needs and complexities of neurodiverse teams, enabling seamless collaboration, efficient growth, and improved outcomes. Learn more about how NeurOPS can optimize your DevOps for neurotypical/neurodivergent teams and start leveraging the power of a cognitively diverse workforce by partnering with Neurability.