About NeurASSESS:

  • Performed by experienced and objective consultants
  • Leverages our proprietary Maturity Model to accurately pinpoint current state and identify required changes and improvements
  • Identifies the essential stakeholders and helps create organizational buy-in from these key stakeholders
  • Ensures consensus and awareness within client organization
  • Requires roughly 8 weeks to complete, led by a small team of experienced consultants

Organizations often struggle to fully scale their neurodiversity programs and take greatest advantage of the many benefits offered by cognitive diversity. What are the methods and tools required to achieve these goals? What change is needed?

Our neurodivergent experts have personal experience and understand the current environment. We can help you navigate the challenge and develop an informed and customized approach to reach success. We  review and understand your current state and build a growth plan based on our proprietary Neurodivergence Maturity Model. 

Many companies have begun to realize that to stay competitive tomorrow they must leverage cognitive diversity today. Some companies have started sourcing neurodivergent talent and even training neurotypical managers. This is the first step, but to reap the full benefits of a neurodivergent workforce, they need to think bigger and move boldly forward with the next evolutionary step. 

We aim to impart our knowledge and the benefit of our experience directly to you. In this way, you learn from experts with global experience outside your organization. The result is an objective current state analysis and is more likely to ensure stakeholder buy-in. Our persistent goal is to always help elevate neurodiversity to become your competitive advantage.