Neurability Foundation

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Funding pioneering research, development and application of ways of working designed specifically to support neurodivergent workers

Neurodivergent workers face an established workplace designed for neurotypical people. This results in enumerable challenges for otherwise extremely talented and valuable people to enter and thrive in the modern economy. It is the disabling circumstances of the workplace that are the obstacle.

Large populations of extremely motivated and capable individuals are either unemployed or they develop personal strategies to hide or mask their true selves as best they can to avoid stigma and attempt to succeed in their work. 

The results are clear. There is a sizable workforce hidden in plain sight. They are effectively sidelined or experience significant additional stress and emotional fatigue far beyond what a neurotypical worker would face. They often navigate their careers, if they have one, at the expense of their personal health and emotional well-being.

We work with enterprises, organizations, educators and other foundations that share our values to accelerate change in the modern workplace and move towards a future that enables all workers to thrive – independent of their particular neurotype.

Our goal is to lead and promote  this effort together with our partners to help create the workforce of the future.