Business Solutions

NeuraThink Professionals solving your Industry-specific challenges.

Financial Advisors find it difficult to devote sufficient time to doing what they do best – advising clients and growing their businesses.  FA’s need artificial intelligence engineered directly into their wealth management CRM systems. Co-Pilot agents help automate and process much of the mundane and time-consuming work, allowing financial advisors to be more productive and focus on their client’s success.
Banks, Broker/Dealers, Asset Managers and Boutique Investment firms operate within an increasingly complex and demanding regulatory environment. Dependency on legacy systems and personnel with highly specialized knowledge places an enormous cost burden and consumes the time of skilled technologists that could be more productively deployed.
Improve your compliance with existing regulations and respond in a more timely and efficient manner to data requests from external regulators
Data intensive, company and market analysis to identify and support investment decision making and stress testing existing portfolio company performance and competitive strengths and vulnerabilities. Our consultants help generate greater risk-adjusted investment opportunities for your general and limited partners.
Value generation strategies depend on creating streamlined, efficient and technology enabled business processes to unlock valuable data, minimize operational costs and free up cash flows. Our team focuses on capturing projected returns through operational optimization.
Accelerating time-to-market is imperative and a key lever is optimizing clinical trial designs to predict process bottlenecks, identify quality control issues, and suggest corrective actions before problems occur. Generate higher velocity of new drug development, testing, approval and market entry.