How and Why Cognitive Debt Kills New Technology Strategies

What is cognitive debt? It’s your enemy. Cognitive debt is the sum total investment in technical skills accumulated over years that now impedes your organization’s ability to flow with external changes in technology. You’ve got a sunk cost and it is determining your future decisions. How can you spot it? Are you organized by technology […]

Unmet Expectations of Digital Transformation

Embracing the Future of AI Today Application Modernization, Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration have taken a back seat to the urgent need to adapt AI to your business. Has your significant investment in digital transformation delivered the promised return on investment (ROI)? Unfortunately, it’s mostly disappointment, anxiety and cost overruns. Redefining Investment: The AI Advantage […]

What This Means And Concluding Ideas

What This Means And Concluding Ideas   Leveraging Neurodivergent Talent At this point, you are probably wondering what, if anything, can be done that addresses the problems outlined in articles 2 and 3 while still capturing the benefits described in Article 1. The truth is, there is no perfect solution. However, there does exist a […]

Challenges Neurodivergent People Face In The Workforce

Challenges Neurodivergent People Face In The Workforce   Manny always knew he was different, but it wasn’t until he was in his forties when he discovered why: he was both Aspergers and ADHD. By that point in his life, Manny was already an accomplished technologist, systems strategist, and consultant. However, Manny’s success was not without […]

Challenges Companies Face Trying To Hire Neurodivergent Individuals

Challenges Companies Face Trying To Hire Neurodivergent Individuals Many companies are built around a particular culture and infrastructure that is near impossible to change. These systems that exist within all companies to keep them up and running are a natural byproduct of growth; they evolve with the company. However, as the company grows, so too […]

Advantages of a Neurodivergent Workforce

Insight into a Neurodivergent Workforce   COVID-19 changed many things we used to take for granted about modern life, from a growing emphasis on mental health to telemedicine. And though the worst of COVID seems to have passed (recorded deaths due to COVID haven’t been lower since March 2020), its effects are still reverberating. And […]